I'm Chris Gallo

And this is my website. I call it hot dogs and eggs.

I'm part of the lovely team at Highrise, where I make customers feel important. This site is a place for me to stay curious and share what I learn.

Transcribed Advice

Every so often, I transcribe interesting interviews and talks I find across the web. It helps me share what I learn from people I admire, and it's a great resource for others too.

Here are a few of my favorite transcriptions:


I write to think. I publish my writing on my blog and other places on the web, like Signal v. Noise and The Secondary Break (I'm a big UNC basketball fan).

Here are 3 of most popular posts:

Side Projects

I also love to try to make my own things. Here are a few static sites I've put together.

Find me on Twitter @cjgallo or GitHub @gallochris or Instagram @heygallo.