You’re visiting Hot dogs and eggs, the online home of Chris Gallo since 2014.

Hi, I’m Chris.

And this is hot dogs and eggs. It’s my little piece of the world wide web. It’s a place for me to stay curious.

How do I stay curious?

What do I do?

I run customer operations for software products from my home in Charlotte, North Carolina. My skills include email/phone support, quality assurance, documentation development, product management, and general communication.

Today, I work with Zipline, where we make it easier for retailers to communicate with each other.

What else?

I’m interested in how sports work, so I combine that interest with trying to make Internet things with computers and build my own static websites or tools.

My current pet project is It’s a collection of data using every Carolina box score since ‘03-04. And I also share charts/video @dadgumboxscores.

Find me on GitHub @gallochris or Instagram @heygallo or Twitter @thischrisgallo.