I’m Chris Gallo.

And this is hot dogs and eggs. It’s my little piece of the world wide web. A place for me to stay curious.

Make Things & Share What You Learn

I enjoy trying to make things with computers, and I’ve learned how to build my own static websites.

When I couldn’t find old UNC basketball box scores, I built dadgumboxscores.com to solve it.

Out of frustration to learn advanced college basketball statistics, I put together documentation, cbbstatshelp.com, to make it easier for others.

It’s important to share what you learn, and I try to do so on my blog and other places on the web.

Learning from others is powerful too, and every so often, I transcribe interesting interviews and talks. I call it What They Said. One of my favorites is this transcription of Manoj Bhargava’s talk.

Find me on GitHub @gallochris or Instagram @heygallo.