I’m Chris Gallo.

And this is hot dogs and eggs. It’s my little piece of the world wide web. A place for me to stay curious.

I spend my days working with six lovely people at Highrise. We make software to help you keep track of who you talk to, so you’re prepared to do business. My job is to make the people that use Highrise feel important.

Make Things and Share What You Learn

I enjoy trying to make things with computers, and I’ve learned how to build my own static websites.

When I couldn’t find old UNC basketball box scores, I built dadgumboxscores.com to solve it.

Out of frustration to learn advanced college basketball statistics, I put together documentation, cbbstatshelp.com, to make it easier for others.

It’s important to share what you learn, and I try to do so on my blog and other places on the web.

Learning from others is powerful too, and every so often, I transcribe interesting interviews and talks. I call it What They Said. One of my favorites is this transcription of Manoj Bhargava’s talk.

Find me on Twitter @cjgallo or GitHub @gallochris or Instagram @heygallo.