You’re visiting Hot dogs and eggs, the online home of Chris Gallo since 2014.

What’s up with hot dogs and eggs?

Most people claim their own name as a domain ( But my namesakes at Ernest and Julio Gallo Winery have commandeered domains that include the word “gallo” in them.

So when I started this site in 2014, I was stumped on a domain name. And then I heard my grandma talking about making hot dogs and eggs for me as a kid. I kept saying it all day. Hot dogs and eggs. It made me smile :)

I bought the domain name and laughed. But it stuck. It’s goofy and different, just like me. A curious combination, hot dogs and eggs.

The name has come to mean much more to me. It’s part of my philosophy. And it represents what I believe.

The best answer is a question.

Listen to what people do, not just what they say.

Less is more.

Simple doesn’t mean easy.

If it’s not useful or entertaining, it’s useless.

Do the right thing even when no one is watching.

Find me on GitHub @gallochris or Instagram @heygallo or Twitter @thischrisgallo.